Our Story

We share 30 years of experience in machine vision, artificial intelligence and quality control in manufacturing.

We both hold a Ph.D. in computer science about artificial intelligence and image processing. Our first startup was inaugurated in 1999 and since then we have been successful entrepreneurs. From a “garage start-up” we grew our business to a global entity with subsidiaries world-wide and close to 200 employees with 25% average growth rate for more than 10 consecutive years. The successful sale of our venture to a large corporation in 2018 provided two assets to us. On the one hand, we were able to experience the mechanisms of a large international organization. This enables us to cover the full range of entrepreneurial experience from agile startups to inert enterprises. On the other hand, we now have the opportunity to focus on new disruptive business models and technological drivers.

“We need to re-evaluate the way we think about machines. Disruptive technologies of modern artificial intelligence open up completely new applications and business models. In combination with the unbeaten creative power of humans, ethically correctly applied, this will provide a prosperous future for us all.” Stefan Scherer, Entrepreneur.

“Deep-learning and big data is probably the key driver of the fourth industrial revolution. The opportunities but also the complexity of smart manufacturing has reached unexpected heights. Integrating the support and input of various disciplines is more important than ever. We are ready.” Manfred Prantl, Entrepreneur.

Manfred Prantl & Stefan Scherer